About Chef Keisha Griggs

Hailing from the Caribbean, Chef Keisha Griggs realized her love for cooking at an early age. Within her Trinidadian family, good food always came with a great memory. After 13 years as an Interactive Marketing Executive, Chef Keisha followed her passion and lifelong love of cooking to pursue a career in the culinary industry. After graduating from the Art Institute's most honored Culinary program, Griggs has had the opportunity to work alongside some of Houston's most prestigious chefs and celebrated kitchens, crafting techniques in classical French, Asian, Vegetarian, Vegan, New American, and fine dining cuisines. 

By incorporating fresh and local produce into her seasonal menu, Griggs offers entrees that demonstrate her expertise and flexibility to introduce new flavors to everyone who experiences her food.

Discover DELICIOUS with Chef Keisha

"Consuming authentic Caribbean food can be an emotionally moving experience, not only in terms of the euphoria caused by its fresh ingredients, intense flavors, and spicy seasonings, but also in the awareness that diverse groups of people have had to come together in various state of contentment and discontentment in order to produce even just a morsel of a Caribbean meal."

―Lynne Marie Houston